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The tales about ancient sunken cities sparked the human imagination for decades; there are many science fiction novels based on Atlantis after the legend has been told.

Not only are there science fiction novels based on Atlantis but historical studies, explorations, films, and even animated movies based on the story of Atlantis. The tale of Atlantis drove scientists, archaeologists, and brilliant men to search for Atlantis to prove that an advanced civilization existed before technology.


People believe Atlantis is a mythical island or nation that is highly advanced and powerful. According to the legend, the mighty nation of Atlantis Sank deep in the ocean. The story of Atlantis originated from Plato’s “Republic” around 360 B.C. Plato described a perfect country where demigods inhabited the land. They built an ideal society and became a decisive naval force. Atlantis comprised several islands arranged in circles, with expansive water channels separating them. These islands were connected by a canal that went to the center. According to Plato, Atlantis was guarded by the god Poseidon. Atlas, the king of Atlantis, is the son of the god Poseidon. As the people of Atlantis grew stronger, their morals declined. The army of Atlantis conquered various nations before they surrendered to allied countries led by the Athenians. According to the legend, the source of their power and energy, the mysterious crystal, led to the island’s destruction.

5 Science Fiction Novels Based on Atlantis

“MAN-DAR of Atlantis” by Kenneth Sousa

“MAN-DAR of Atlantis” by Sousa is the first book in a trilogy about a character named Manny Silva. Inspired by a clairvoyant named Edgar Cayce, Manny goes on an adventure in Central America to find proof of Atlantis in ancient Mayan pyramids. However, he gets sick and starts thinking he is MAN-DAR. In this delusional state, MAN-DAR uses an airship to rescue a princess from a lousy priest. With the help of friends and villagers, MAN-DAR saves the princess and fights against a world of destruction. Critics praise Kenneth J. Sousa’s book for its exciting story, action, and detailed characters and settings.

Aquaman: The Atlantis Chronicles Deluxe Edition

In the book, the history of Atlantis unfolds as it faces challenges from a meteorite impact. King Orrin relies on science to thrive underwater, while his brother, King Shalako, turns to dark powers. The story takes readers on a captivating journey through the lost city, showcasing its unique features, aquatic life, and intricate costumes. The Atlantis Chronicles delves into the characters’ backgrounds and explores how their beliefs transcend time. Peter David skillfully adapts the rich history of Atlantis to comic book form, providing a definitive origin for Aquaman’s homeland. It’s a compelling sci-fi historical fiction that immerses readers in the aquatic nation of Atlantis.

Ascension by Kara Dalkey 

Nia, a young mermaid from the Bluefin clan, has always wished to become an Avatar in Atlantis, her beloved home. The Avatars and the ancient Farworlders govern the beautiful undersea city and protect it with their magic. Being an Avatar is a great honor and responsibility, and Nia dreams of joining the noble group. Finally, at sixteen, she can make her dream a reality. However, Nia is unaware that fulfilling her deepest desire might destroy her cherished Atlantis forever.

Meet Me in Atlantis: My Obsessive Quest to Find the Sunken City by Mark Adams

Mark Adams made an exciting discovery: Our knowledge about Atlantis comes from the writings of Plato, not conspiracy theories. Surprisingly, a group of amateur explorers still search for Atlantis using Plato’s clues. Adams didn’t realize that his curiosity about Atlantis would consume him. In “Meet Me in Atlantis,” Adams travels to meet these obsessed explorers, trying to understand their beliefs and if Atlantis truly exists. The book takes readers on an exciting quest, introducing captivating characters and exploring the human desire to rediscover a lost world, all with a touch of humor.

Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King 

“Hearts in Atlantis” is a collection of short stories, including two longer ones. The first story, “Low Men in Yellow Coats,” follows Ted Brautigan, an older man fleeing from a mysterious authority, and his friendship with a young boy named Bobby Garfield. The story revolves around Bobby’s efforts to help Ted evade capture. In the second story, “Hearts in Atlantis,” college students bond over playing a game related to the Great Pyramid during the Vietnam era. The story focuses on their friendship. It explores themes of peace, love, and anti-war protests. Overall, the book offers unique and engaging stories centered on friendship.

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