One of the greatest and most highly theorized topics in human history is the existence of the ancient underwater world of Atlantis. The mystery of Atlantis has inspired several movies, documentaries, and books, one of which is a science fiction fantasy trilogy, “MAN-DAR of Atlantis.” All these speculations and content produced from the idea of Atlantis are not without basis.

Over the years, clues and artifacts left from thousands of years ago have resurfaced, leading many to theorize about the lost continent of Atlantis. As prolific as Atlantis itself is also its destruction; in the novel, the hero MAN-DAR vows, “I will return to make Zarharrab and his mother pay for the suffering they have levied upon your people and this once beautiful land.” Today, we dive into the waters of not Atlantis but its theories and what we know about it. Strap on, readers, and get ready to be surprised.

Theory #1: Atlantis is Submerged in the Atlantic Ocean

From the name “Atlantis” itself, you, dear reader, might infer this mystery has something to do with the Atlantic. Well, the land is not named after it, but the resemblance does ring a bell. One theory suggests Atlantis was a continent found in the middle of the Atlantic that mysteriously sunk below the surface and into the ocean. Many believe Atlantis is an actual historical place and not just a made-up legend by Greek thinker Plato, who wrote of its existence back in 360 B.C.

Theory #2: Atlantis Disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle

In forming theories, some people went another route and put two and two together; ever heard of another mysterious region in the ocean associated with hundreds of strange disappearances and eerie activity? If you guessed the Bermuda Triangle, you would be right. Many people put the disappearance of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle together and theorized it was swallowed up by the Triangle itself! It’s not too far from reality, as the Bermuda Triangle is indeed notorious for such perplexing occurrences. Many believers of this theory describe what appeared to only be man-made streets and walls found off the coast of Bimini, near the Bermuda Triangle.

Theory #3: Atlantis = Antarctica

Another theory yet links Atlantis to the present-day continent of Antarctica. I know it sounds wild but think about it: the planet has gone through wild amounts of variation and climate changes throughout its 4543 years of existence. Temperatures have evolved, and our planet has even gone through an Ice Age, so it is quite likely that Atlantis froze over and has been that way ever since. Tectonic plate movement is responsible for all the climate differences across the different continents in the world, giving us such variable conditions as Africa and Antarctica. With all its harsh weather, it is difficult to conduct excavations and examine the region for ancient Atlantean evidence, but one is always free to imagine.

Theory #4: Atlantis is a Metaphor for the Historical Black Sea Flood

In another suspiciously close parallel, Atlantis is theorized by some to be a fantastical retelling of the actual historical event, the Black Sea Flood. Atlantis’ downfall is similar to what happened in the Bosporus of the Mediterranean Sea when a catastrophic flood wrecked the civilization around 5600 B.C.

As the inhabitants died and its remaining few survivors dispersed, they told the tale of the Black Sea Flood, and as time passed and human nature persisted, these came to be known as a legend. Many believers of this theory say these stories later inspired Plato, who, as mentioned above, wrote about Atlantis in 360 B.C.

Theory #5: Atlantis is a Metaphor for the Lost Minoan Civilization

Many theorists believe Atlantis is actually about the Minoan civilization, which thrived around 2500-1600 B.C. in the Greek islands. This theory refers to one of the large civilizations of people that existed along the famous Greek islands of Crete and Thera, or modern-day Santorini. You may recognize the legendary and prolific king Minos of Crete as the king whose wife gave birth to a Minotaur, a half-man, half-bull creature which he imprisoned in a labyrinth. Minoans lived in a beautiful civilization lush with vegetation, full of gleaming palaces, and sprawling with exquisitely paved roads. Sounds a little like Atlantis, doesn’t it?

Theory #6: Atlantis is a Product of Plato’s Imagination

Last but not the least is the theory to end all theories – literally. Brace yourselves, Atlantis fans: Atlantis does not and has never existed at all. Plato simply invented it just as he had invented his Allegory of the Cave. Of course, this in itself is also a theory. The fun thing with Atlantis and all its theories is that you can choose to believe in whichever one and let your imagination run wild.


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